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Dora Coloring Pages and Invitations

Dora the Explorer coloring pages and Dora the Explorer invitations. Dora the Explorer is a fun and loving television series shown on Nickelodeon as well as CBS and more. Join Dora and all her friends from map, to Boots the Monkey as they lead you on a printing adventure!



Fun Facts About Dora the Explorer:

Dora is fond of boots. She is only 7yrs old. She never holds a grudge when characters like the Michievous Fox attempt to steal items. Dora loves sports. Dora is Latina even though the early creation had her with yellow hair. Boots was named after his love for his red boots. Fun Dora characters include the Map, Boots, Tico the Squirrel, Benny the Bull and more. Read more here.

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