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Baby Shower Printables

Have fun printing out these great totally free Shower Printables. Each printable is easy to print and comes in bold color. All you need is regular paper or cardstock and any printer will do. Use these printables for home parties, church or school. Please no selling, mass producing or using as a fundraiser. Have Fun Printing!



Our Baby Shower Printables are for personal at home/party or classroom use only. No selling or using for fundraisers.  No copying and/or placing on your site or linking directly to image.


Free Shower Game Ideas:

Guess the Baby Game - Each guest brings a picture of themselves and everyone tries to guess who is the baby.


Baby or Wedding Tray Game - Place 15 or so items on a tray and let guests look over for 1 min, then have them write down what they saw, the one with the most wins.


Pins and Rice Game - have a large bowl for closed small metal baby pins and rice, each guest picks out individual pins to see who has the most.  You will be surprised how hard it can be.


Dirty Diaper Shower Game - fold napkins like a diaper and secure with safety pin.  Make a dab of brown in one diaper (brown marker will do) and let guests choose from the table which one they want.  At the end of the night who opens the one with the stain wins.



Our baby shower printables and bridal shower print products are free for your use.  Print from a home computer or office printer.


Each shower printable comes with custom artwork produced by our own in-house designer.  Should you need a new design to print, submit any ideas to our customer service center.


Our shower printables are perfect for your baby shower or wedding.


Start printing!


Enjoy these fun crafts and printable projects.

Each craft and printable is hand made for your enjoyment!

Our select free printables are created for those who like to print.  Each printing page comes in the theme you wish to use.  All our free printable items are just that, free for your personal and/or classroom use.


Family fun has always been full of crafting of all sorts for each and every family.  Our selections are just full of the latest fun things you can do as a family from printing greeting cards and invitations to fun printable party supplies and lists or charts.


We do our best to update each and every printing selection so that our viewers can come back each holiday or season to find new fun printing projects.  Kids crafts are always a favorite, look for holiday cut-outs as well as coloring pages to print from your own computer printer.


Be sure to let us know your favorite idea or what you would like to see in the future as our design team is always standing by to help create new printable craft projects for you to create.


Don't know what paper to use?  Thick card stock paper is great for printing invitations and greeting cards as well as recipe cards, certificates or even lists and charts.  Gloss paper is great for party hats and wall decorations.  Regular paper is good for just about everything!


So have fun printing for your own personal use or for your classroom.  Please no selling or using for functions, no adding to your own personal work, adding to your website or linking to our pictures directly.  Please link to sections as needed and enjoy your free printables.

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